Week 9

Activity 9.3 – Using an LMS

For a communication tool I would use the discussion forums tool. As a teacher, this will allow me to have informal and asynchronous communication with my students. Asynchronous communication is especially useful as it give individuals time to consider their responses. As a student forums allow me to have access to my teacher but also to my fellow students for questions, advice, and discussions about the material.

For an assessment tool I would use the mobile-compatible test. As a teacher I think this will give my students more flexibility about when, where, and on what device they will do their testing. As a student who uses various devices in classes I would appreciate having the opportunity to use my chosen mobile device for interaction with my course. This allows me to avoid device switching that is both irritating and requires cognitive effort to reacquaint with a different interface.

As a content organization tool I would use folders. As a teacher, folders allow for a simple way to group content together and coursesites allows me to organize content within the folders. Hand organization allows me to create a linear direction for my content but also allows students to follow their own path should they choose. As a student, even if I’m not technically savvy, the concept of “stuff goes in a folder” is already familiar to me as it’s how my computer is organized and how other programs (such as moodle) organize information.

As a content tool I would us attaching weblinks to my course. As a teacher, I think the specific selection of web content allows for students to be exposed to the information that I’m presenting from a slightly different perspective. Web links also easily allow for the demonstration of what I’m referencing by linking to a real incident or to a web-content tool that demonstrates the concept. As a student, I think it’s interesting to be introduced to new and useful content sources. While whatever my professor is showing me may be interesting, the surrounding information may also be useful and the page its self might be a good repository for new information.

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