Week 4

Activity 4.3 Where am I now?

Philosophy of Teachnology

The least effective way I ever saw technology used in a classroom was actually when the instructors attempted to remove the classroom from the equation. This Fall, I was introduced to the “blended delivery” EDPY 301 class whereby the second lecture per week of the class was replaced with slides of the lecture and a voice-over rather than classroom interaction. This simply removed the location of the classroom from the delivery of the content without modifying the presentation in any way. While simultaneously being frustrating to manage, the system ultimately misses the point of electronic delivery. As instructors we have the opportunity to deliver content in a different means with electronic delivery. Instead of innovating, I felt the class simply was rehashing distance learning styles that, for me, were largely ineffective, unstimulating, and frustrating.

The best implementation of technology in classrooms is actually EDIT 202 (no really!). The innovative delivery of the class has allowed me to explore the content at my own pace while hearing from experts in the subject area when necessary. This has kept my brain ‘awake’ while learning about the EDIT 202 content and has resulted in a greater/deeper understanding of the content than I have experienced in other classes. I also feel the #edit202 tag has allowed greater interaction between my classmates and that has increased the value of this class to me. I find it incredible that I finally have the words to explain the way that I learn, that is Connectivism, and a model that I can start to modify to work in my own classroom.



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